"PRERNA", in Sanskrit means INSPIRATION -

- The inspiration to reach your goals in life, to strive for success. And what better goal for a science student than to aspire to get admitted to THE IITs?

Prerna Classes offers an exhaustive range of courses to help students realise this goal. These courses range from classroom program to programs that can be taken on-line. Each course is designed to cater to specific students. In year 2005, Prerna Classes entered into Medical Entrance Preparation to provide good quality training for students who aspire to become medical professionals. 

Prerna Classes offers different types of courses which caters to the need of  various types of students.Besides one year and two year courses for Engineering and Medical we also offer foundation courses for the students of class 9 and 10 who are in the formative stages of preparation for the forthcoming entrance examinations they will take up in future.A good foundation always enhances the chance of success in future.We also offer BITSAT simulation tests by the name bitspractice which makes the students feel comfortable when facing the online BITSAT test as the environment seems quite familiar.

Prerna Classes' new campus is in a state-of-art building fitted with most modern facilities to provide excellent teaching environment. Good quality lodging is available in associated hostels as well as in private accommodation.

History Of Prerna Classes 

Prerna Classes was founded by Mr. Vikas Tank and Mr. K. K. Mishra in 1996. Prior to this, Mr. Vikas Tank was teaching Mathematics and Physics while Mr. K. K. Mishra was teaching Chemistry separately. They pooled in both their knowledge and efforts to achieve common goals. Their synergistic efforts have resulted in better performance together as compared to them individually. After which there has been no looking back for them as well as their students.

This has proved extremely beneficial to the students of Jamshedpur and neighbouring places like Ranchi, Khargapur, Patna, etc. In the years together, they have a great success record to boast of. This success is not coincidental but the result of the combination of hard work and sincerity on the student's and teacher's part. They have been able to maintain a consistent success rate.

Mr. Vikas Tank graduated from IIT Mumbai in the year 1989 with a B. Tech. degree in Computer Science. He joined TATA STEEL. Few months later, he started teaching a few students for IIT- JEE as a hobby, in the course of which he realised that he enjoyed teaching immensely and had a flair for solving student's problems with absolute ease. Soon, this became his passion and profession.

Mr. K. K. Mishra is a teacher by profession and a graduate of Ranchi University. He has several years of teaching experience in Chemistry to his credit. Prior to Prerna Classes, he ran his own class for Engineering Entrance Examinations.

In the year 2000, Mr. Pramod Dubey teamed up with Mr. Vikas Tank and Mr. K.K. Mishra. He is a graduate in Computer Science from IT-BHU and has been active in the software field for several years in India and USA. He works towards the expansion and further growth of Prerna Classes. His vision is to take Prerna Classes within the reach of each and every aspiring student. The administration and management of all the aspects of Prerna Classes have been successfully shouldered by him.

The year 2004 saw a major expansion in teaching team of Prerna Classes. Young, brilliant IITians joined as faculty members bringing along with them new energy, fresh ideas for overall improvement in the quality of education.

The combined vision of faculty members and management is to make Prerna Classes the foremost name in quality training for IIT-JEE and Medical Entrance Examinations.